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Tally Data Consolidation, Tally Data Cleansing project from West India

Deployment of Turbo data for Retail company based out of Western India

Source system: multiple installation of Tally ERP 9.1.


Problem : The end client desired to have a custom installation of Turbo data based on the unique requirements of its business. The product shall be used for designing a custom web interface for customer interaction.


The key tenets of the solution that differed from the standard deployment of turbo data were as follows:

      1. Standard price list instead of weighted average or FIFO pricelist.
      2. Closing stock value was to be calculated at a godown and item level.
      3. The solution was to work across multiple locations seamlessly with maximum RAM usage been 1 GB for both initial and incremental data loads.
      4. Custom masters extraction for item, stock group, category .
      5. GST classification to be extracted for the end client.


Time duration of the project: 2 weeks.

Approach of the ETL team:
      1. Choosing the appropriate set of attributes to be loaded based on the modular approach. That is the required fields to be loaded for ledger and inventory were chosen.
      2. Custom extraction for the tables: The process of normalization helped in the same since the attribute is to be loaded only once.
      3. Testing of initial and incremental data loads in terms of time and load on the system. The incremental data load process helped at reducing the time of data load.
      4. Data cleansing: special characters were removed from the item names. Also separation of the numeric values from the character fields
      5. Data consolidation: multiple types of voucher types were loaded onto the data warehouse.


Project has been done successfully. Hereafter the end client shall go for a MVC interface over the data warehouse for reporting and customer interaction purposes.


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Vidisha Goel

Vidisha Goel

Vidisha Goel is a Digital marketing Executive by profession.

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