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Partnership Registration

“Partnership is a type of business organization in which two or more individuals start business and pool their money, skills, other resources, and share profit and loss as agreed between them. It may be registered or not registered.”


Easy Formation: Registration of partnership is not compulsory , it can be easily formed and can be operate at ease.

Risk Shared: There are more than one partner so risk can be shared between them thus making partnership firm less riskier than proprietorship.

Proper Management: There are more than 1 Key persons or partners so responsibilities can be shared thus helping in better management.

Minimal Compliances: There are no annual filings to be done annually with registrar as there are in Private Limited Company and LLP .

Trade name: Partnership firm doesn't need to take approval from Registrar as it needs to be taken in Pvt. Ltd. Company and in LLP, however it needs to be keep in mind that while creating partnership name it should not infringe any trademark.

Manpower Resource: As there are more than 1 individual , so there would be more resource for operational and management work.

For Opening a current bank account on the Firm Name or Business Name which is required , legal registration are required which can be GST, MSME registration, Shops Act etc. based on business.

Need of GST Registration
  • Silver

  • 5,399
    • Drafting of deed by lawyer
    • Registration Of Deed
  • Gold

  • 9,399
    • Drafting of deed by lawyer
    • Registration Of Deed
    • PAN & TAN registration
  • Platinum

  • 15,399
    • Drafting of deed by lawyer
    • Registration Of Deed
    • PAN & TAN registration
    • Trademark Registration
Process One

ComplyPartner Team would understand business

Process Two

Day 1- Client To Share Documents To ComplyPartner Team

Process Three

Day 2- Drafting of Deed , share to client for signing

Process Six

Day 21- Physical PAN & TAN card would receive.

Process Five

Day 12- PAN & TAN Card number would be allotted by department

Process Four

Day 3- After receiving signed copy, PAN/TAN would be applied

Documents Required for Partnership Registration

Address Proof Of Partners

Photo Id Proof Of Partners