Employee Service Agreement

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Employee Service Agreement Format

Employee Service Agreements are directed towards employees who are recipients of planned benefits such as health insurance, commissions, bonuses, stock options, and company sponsored retirement plans. For each of these benefits, the employee has certain obligations towards the employer.Such agreements are prepared specifically by the employer and both the employer and employee agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement by signing the document.


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How to Use

Employment contract can be used to entice a highly skilled candidate to come work for you instead of the competition. By promising the individual job security and beneficial terms in an employment contract, you can sweeten the deal.

How to Create

In addition to clearly describing the job an employee is being hired for and the salary you are going to pay the employee, the employment contract should also address the following – At will employment, The employee’s responsibilities, Salary and benefits the employee will receive, Non-competition and non disclosure clauses